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  Engineering to Operation

At the Onix Corporation, we are masters of project execution. Our design staff uses our 3-D modeling capabilities to generate thorough layout and foundation documentation. Regardless of how tight your layout might be, you can rest assured that our equipment will be dimensionally accurate to the model. Unlike some of our competition, we provide P&ID documentation that includes a complete spec list for all motors, starters, and sensors used in your project, as well as all utilities used.

Onix has technicians on staff who inspect the project during each phase, from design through completion, to guarantee project accuracy. Onix staff is also there through project commissioning and training to ensure your employees are proficient in dryer operation and maintenance upon startup. Onix technicians also are able to log in remotely to offer expert advice on any issues that may arise after project commissioning.

The slide show and two videos are of a project that illustrates Onix’s capabilities from engineering to operation.

The videos have a full screen button (the square on the player bar) and by holding down the control button and using your mouse “scroll wheel” you can zoom in and out of this page for better views.





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Engineering to Operations - 3D CAD drawing



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