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  Productivity Improvements with Studio's Automatic Generation of Information Displays
Entivity Studio empowers process engineers, production supervisors and plant managers by giving them the ability to improve productivity and reduce production variability through built-in monitoring of machine downtime and cycle-time. The built-in machine and process monitoring is coupled with automatic generation of actionable information displays that can be used drive productivity improvements and objectively measure progress toward operational goals.

Studio’s productivity tools can be used with existing legacy systems as well as new installations.

Typical Studio Productivity applications include:
• Continuous productivity initiatives
• Periodic productivity reviews
• Best practice identification
• Capacity planning
• Equipment utilization studies
• Developing preventative maintenance plans
• Capital equipment justification
• New system optimization

Studio’s fill-in-the-blank Data Capture setup collects the appropriate data and delivers the actionable productivity reports such as these example reports:
• Capacity Utilization,
• Downtime Timeline,
• Downtime Histogram,
• Cycletime Timeline and
• Cycletime Histogram.

The power of Studio’s productivity tools is getting valuable information quickly viewable, with eView. Because pictures are worth a thousand words, eView provides the tools for the user to see information in a variety of ways with no extra programming.


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